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Epic Selfie With ViVi (LOONA)
Use Epic Selfie With ViVi (LOONA), you can easily add ViVi (LOONA) portraits to your favorite photos in less than a minute. The app has lots of interesting Blackpink fonts, selfie styles, smileys, stickers, brightness changes, photo filter effects, emoticons and editing tools. Great photos to make your photos more interesting, look special and make your friends jealous of you. Application Epic

Love and Live
LOONA 1/3 Members: Heejin, Hyunjin, Haseul, Vivi Song: Love and Live In Love and Live MV we saw that Vivi is an Android, and it was confirmed that at the end of the video when Vivi runs, she becomes human. So I wanted to capture that important fact. hope u like
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LOONA / Awesome
 · In-universe, ViVi’s android status allows her to perform spectacular feats. She runs a 400-meter track in less than 50 seconds, beating out the entire women’s records list for that run. The girl is fast. ODD EYE CIRCLE are literally the superheroes of the universe
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Android Viian Wong
Tags Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Jo Haseul/Viian Wong | ViVi Jo Haseul Viian Wong | ViVi LOONA Ensemble viseul are the main ship We’re in space vivi is the queen of a planet (half of one) vivi is an android other members will feature haseul is a
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Haseul (and LOOΠΔ I guess)
 · However, it was recently revealed that Loona 1/3 actually means 1 android (Vivi), and three girls. The slash (‘/’) represented Yeojin. While Loona 1/3 are looking for Yeojin, OEC are looking for Loona 1/3. It was also revealed that there is another girl, yet to be
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Loona Fanfiction and Stories
 · In other words, Haseul is a hacker who got caught, and her chance at freedom is helping Vivi, the queen, who’s also an android, get a virus out of her head. Manito By vividsouls Updated Mar 20, 2021 14:55:22
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Vivi (LOOΠΔ)
Asiachan has 152 Vivi (LOOΠΔ) images, wallpapers, HD wallpapers, Android/iPhone wallpapers, facebook covers, and many more in its gallery. Vivi (LOOΠΔ) is a member of LOOΠΔ.
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Vivi,Yves And The Odd Eye Circle
First, let’s analyze Odd Eye Circle & Vivi’s similarities, let’s start off with Vivi running in a field, similar to Choerry in Love Cherry Motion, and the cameras filming from the same angles. Something we should also notice is that Jinsoul was a feature in Vivi’s “Everyday
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LOOΠΔ : Girlgroup Underdog Yang Revolusioner
Dari sinilah Loona menjadi terkenal akan teori Loonaverse nya dan fandom pun seketika berubah menjadi sekumpulan konspirator gila. Mulai dari Vivi yang berubah jadi android, Möbius Strip, Choerry yang berpindah dari bumi ke dunia Odd Eye dan diberi
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I’m not even gonna make an android joke because no mere android could get that diesel #vivi #loona #vivi loona #wong kahei #hwang ara 24 notes
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this is my guide to the main loona ships! (romantic or platonic they’re all cute;) 1. 2JIN/HYUNHEE heejin and hyunjin . the original ship! these two are goals and the visual power couple! 2. VISEUL vivi and haseul . underated cuties. i seriously love this ship so
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LOONA – Butterfly
The only foreign member and an android ViVi gets introduced to become LOOΠΔ 1/3. ODD EYE CIRCLE was born at the opposite end. With the story of three moons gathering to form a full circle, Kim Lip, JinSoul, and Choerry decide to stand at the frontlines to …
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G-IDLE vs LOONA (Future best GG?!)
 · Alright! So basically LOONA has 12 members, each has a single dedicated to them and a role in the “Loonaverse”. Heejin, HyunJin, HaSeul, Yeojin and Vivi are all part of 1/3 (one universe that
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K-Pop Group LOONA Talks #StanLoona and Why They …

For international fans who use #StanLoona, that’s where we get our energy from,” says 22-year-old ViVi, who hails from Hong Kong and appears to portray an android in the LOONAVERSE.
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LOONA向MyMusic粉絲推薦新迷你專輯 ‘# ‘ 囉|影音快遞 …

[MV] LOONA 1/3(이달의 소녀 1/3) _ Sonatine(알 수 없는 비밀) [MV] LOONA(이달의 소녀) _ ViViD (Acoustic Mix) (Heejin)(희진) MyMusic 2017年度華語單曲No.1 Namewee黃明志冠軍感言
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Loona Favourite Theory?
 · Mine is: Yves and Vivi were lovers, then Olivia Hye killed Vivi because she was mad at Yves, which is why Vivi ended up being an android #1 efoxbirdie , Aug …